• Who is required to take MSHA Part 46 Training?

    Any person, including any operator or supervisor, who works at a mine and who is engaged in mining operations. This definition includes independent contractors and employees of independent contractors who are engaged in mining operations; and any construction worker who is exposed to hazards of mining operations.

  • What are the minimum timeframes for Part 46 Training?

    New miners must have 24 hours of training, including 4 hours introductory training before then can work at a mine. The balance of training must be completed within 90 days from the date the employee becomes a miner miner. A review of first aid procedures and training in the use of respiratory protection is required within 60 days of working at a mine. Experienced miners and newly hired experienced miners who have worked at a mine must have 8 hours of safety and health training on an annual basis.

  • Do contractors working at mine have to take MSHA Part 46 Training?

    The definition of “miner” does include include maintenance or service workers who do work at a mine site for frequent or extended periods. Contractors who work more than 5 consecutive days, exposed to the hazards of mining or who work at various mines during the year will most likely meet the definition of being a miner and will need Part 46 Training. Those contractors who are not considered miners will still need site specific hazard training at each mine location. Mine operators are responsible for providing site specific hazard training to contractors.

  • Who is considered a Competent Person and what qualifications do they need?

    A Competent person means a person designated by the production-operator or independent contractor who has the ability, training, knowledge, or experience to provide training to miners in his or her area of expertise. The competent person must be able both to effectively communicate the training subject to miners and to evaluate whether the training given to miners is effective. Mine operators should document a competent person's training and experience and be able to demonstration they have complied with the requirements of 30 CFR Part 46. A competent person needs to stay current with safety training and relative safety and health information. The competent Person course on this website is designed to keep the competent trained and updated in mine safety and health per the requirements of 30 CFR Part 46.

  • What Training does a new miner or new mine contractor have to complete before they start work at a mine?

    New mine employees and new mine contractor employees must complete the mandatory Introductory 4 Hour New Miner Training (Part 1) course before starting work at a mine. Within 60 days of becoming a new miner (the date they enter a mine to work for the first time), a new mine employee or new mine contractor must complete a review of first aid and respiratory training (Part 2) when required to wear a respirator.

  • What other training counts towards completing the requirements for New miners?

    New Miners can be trained in a variety of ways. Subject areas, training timeframes and the name of the competent persons or organizations who conduct all Part 46 Training must be listed in your company's approved Part 46 training plan. Most mine employers conduct task (on-the-job) training on the specific job assignments the new miner will be given. Any combination of classroom training (with courses relevant to mining) and task training may be used to complete the balance of the required 24 hours. Many mine companies who use this website to complete the initial mandatory introductory 4 hour course and the within 60 day course for their new miners. They also register their new miner in one or more of the other courses offered. All training must be documented on the appropriate Part 46 certificate. It's a great way to get some timely classroom training for those new miners with no experience or knowledge of mining!

  • Who can I contact for more information or with any questions about MSHA Training?

    The Certified MSHA Instructor who creates the training on this website is Marino J. Franchini. He has more than 40 years of safety and health experience. He can be contacted by email at Marino.Franchini@outlook.com. or reached by cellphone at 518-577-9902.